Sydney Smith

Industrial Design Portfolio

Wearable Tech Project
Design wearable technology and branding along with an app interface, packaging, and merchandising.
Senior Thesis
This is my senior design thesis which is focusing on school security and communication during emergencies. I spent a semester and a half conducting research, interviews, ideating, concept development, and developing a final product.
Housewares Competition
Pod is a fridge magnet for people with food allergies. It is a device that users can set up and insert food samples into. Using the device and test strips, it analyzes the food for allergens. In addition, Pod contains a label scanner on the bottom to allow for scanning food labels to see if the food contains their allergen. It is currently being pursued by Purdue for a patent.
Dove Visual Branding
The project goal was to pick an iconic brand and use their branding to create a product they don’t currently sell.
Furniture Project
For our furniture class we were tasked with designing and building a standing cabinet. I was determined to challenge myself with this project and I knew I wanted to create something geometric. Therefore, I played with lines and angles to eventually end up with Maddox.
Aluminum Extrusion Competition Winner
Competition prompt was to create a product or system that includes at least one extruded aluminum component within the standard 10" extrusion diameter.
Delta Caregiver Shower
Design a shower head to aid caregivers in the showering process. I chose to design for parents transitioning their kids from bath to shower.
Traditional and Digital Sketches
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